Echo cancellation in gstreamer

Hello, I’m implementing a VoIP application with gstreamer using rtp, but when I tried this I listened an echo, i create my voip.c apps using the client and the server each in process, the client-pcma.c and the server-pcma.c are in this link " " could any one help with this problem?
Thanks !!

this is not a gstreamer forum. i’ve had to deal with this though and in linux you can use a pulsesrc using the following parameters:

pulsesrc stream-properties=\"props,media.role=phone,filter.want=echo-cancel\"

which will open a pulse source with echo cancellation. if you have further questions you should ask them in the gstreamer mailing list.

I’m sorry but the only one that i know is and i didn’t get an answer! as i know there is the speex echo cancellation but i couldn’t use it because it need two source frames one from the mic and the other from the speaker but in my case i’ve this two each in a process !! so i can’t link it