Easy guide on how to setup TOR for countries where Github is blocked

Yesterday Github was blocked in Russia, so I wrote this in case someone want to access the site and ofxAddons:



thanks so much for posting this… I’m sure others will find it helpful and it’s a good reminder to learn how to use these tools

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The whole of github is blocked or some pages? Roskom whatever said it blocked a few pages only, not the whole site. Also, users in Moscow report github is accessible to them as of today.


I can’t access github right now without tor, these people can’t, these guys, people on twitter reports the same. Afaik, you can not block one page on https, so the whole site was blocked.

Roskom whatever said it blocked a few pages only

Local internet providers are full of shit. Edit: “Beeline” provider confirms that they block entire website.

Edit: Github won’t delete issued repositories: “GitHub found demands for removing problematic pages unreasonable and ignored an order to remove them.”

I will stay on tor so that my work can’t be abrupted by some idiots in kremlin.

I don’t think github will delete anything.

Are you in Moscow? I am asking because I am going to Moscow soon.



Yep, I’m in Moscow.