easier sndObj implementation more like soundplayer

hey hey,

at the moment i am working several hours every day with OF and i am getting deeper and deep into it having much fun. ist a great framework. thank you guys for mixing up such a nice box of trix. the only thing i miss is an easier way to use the sndobj features within OF. it would be nice if i could use an oscillator more like a soundPlayer or in the way supercollider does the job.

something like this:

ofxOscillator myOsc;
ofxReverb myReverb;

the option to connect different objects/effects would be nice to.
i tried to to implement some of the sndObj features into OF but i got more linking errors and so on than good results. im not tough enough to implement more of it.

what do you think?

have you tried Josh’s ofxSndObj?
I haven’t actually tested it to be honest, but if you haven’t seen it here it is:

Just a note - the latest ofxSndObj doesn’t compile straight off the bat.

Things I had to change:

in testApp.cpp


in testApp.h

ofxSOOscilator => ofxSOOscillator  

change the includes in testApp.h from:

#define MACOSX  
#include "ofMain.h"  
#include "ofAddons.h"  
#include "AudioDefs.h"  


#define MACOSX  
#include "ofMain.h"  
#include "ofxSndObj.h"  

i erroneously thought that the sndobj addon was just a way to implement the lib and not to use it in an easier way. although the description exactly said this. mhh
i tried to compile the addon under windows but got many errors. i talked to josh, he wants to upload a windows version in a few days.
then i will test it again.