Dynamism of a Dog in a Wheelchair: visualizing spacio-temporal objects in motion

I’d like to share part of my MFA thesis project, I put this on vimeo a while ago and forgot to post it here. This is a video re-creation of Giacomo Balla’s Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash created with ofxVolumetrics, which was developed for this project and its real-time counterpart. This project was recently featured at Nuit Blanche Toronto in October. Many thanks to the oF community for such an amazing tool and generous support!


The installation was on a loop which first displayed an image of the original painting, then showed the video re-creation, and finally ran a live interactive version that users could play with by moving around under the installation.


that is really awesome! btw how does one use your volumetrics addon in osx with OF007, its just that I’ve downloaded it and just cant seem to make it work, with other addons I’d just drag and drop the addon to the addons folder in xcode and it would work but this time it doesnt and I have no clue on what to do next.

sorry for the noob question :-S

As I don’t have a mac, I wasn’t able to make an xcode project file. However, if you can get the example to work and post a project file to the github I’d be very grateful.

The example should be pretty straight-forward to get working, let me know if you have specific questions. Like I said I don’t have a mac so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to answer xcode specific questions. feel free to ask anyway though.

Great work and great addon.

Got the example to work on the mac-book, with of007. Had some casting issues in the fragment shader But when I changed:

  if(length(dir) > 0) {  
    float steps = int(length(vol_d * dir) * quality);  


  if(length(dir) > 0.) {  
    float steps = length(vol_d * dir) * quality;  

in the ofxVolumetrix.frag it worked like charm.

Yeah for some reason the linux ATI and NVIDIA drivers’ GLSL compilers didn’t seem to care about that. The open source radeon driver is even more picky, however. I’ll update the git soon