Dynamic range in ofxSlider (ofxGui)

Hello everybody,

I know about the changes being made with ofParam & ofxGui but I’m posting this topic anyway.

Using the ofxGui addon, once you did ofxSlider.setup(“title”, curInt, minInt, maxInt), I noticed there’s no way to change it’s range (min and max values). Within ofxSlider, [curInt, minInt, maxInt] are stored in ofParameter<Type> value. The problem is that ofxSlider prevents us from accessing value which already implements setMin() & setMax() to change the range of the slider.

Could it be an idea to implement a dynamic-range feature in ofSlider ?
Ranges often change, sometimes depending on other application settings.
If you combine this with the ofParam event binding examples, this feature could help and facilitate making interfaces. (markpitchless talks about it here)

Otherwise, it’s always possible to use ofxSlider.setup("title", curInt, minInt, maxInt) but that’s quite dirty code while ofxSlider.setMax(5) looks nice and executes more quickly as well.

Oh, I found out how to do this another way by simply “converting” the ofxIntSlider to an ofParameter.

//ofxIntSlider slider; // (already assigned)
ofParameter<int> tmp;
tmp = slider;

Now you can do tmp.setMax(), tmp.setMin(), etc.