DXR : DirectX Raytracing


Experimental SDK


Must be super cool integrating to oF!

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It only works with NVIDIA Tesla V100, which is 8,700 USD :cry:

This looks really realistic. But apart from the price of the graphics card needed, it works just on DirectX, as you were saying.
I think that at the moment, the most feasible way to improve the quality of the rendered primitives, would be to have a PBR material like:

This has nothing to do with realtime raytracing of course, but it could be a step forward towards a better quality of the images.

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hey @edapx, just in case, did you get ofxPBRHelper working on OF 0.10? I am getting several errors. The ofxPBR main example is working fine. (I am looking for some scene graph manager like ofxScene or something)

Hello @moebiussurfing The example coming with https://github.com/yasuhirohoshino/ofxPBR/tree/master/ofxPBR-example it is working for me , although at the beginning I receive a pop up notification telling me that the application is not responding, but if I choose “wait”, instead of “close”, I can test it. It is a bit slow, I am on a Linux Laptop with an integrated graphics card.

yes @edapx , ofxPBR example is working here too. My problem is to compile ofxPBRHelper. (I am looking for an addon with helper to put some 3d objects/lights etc in a scene. And this example has a simplified gui to scene load, save, and modify settings.)