Dvorak keyboard input is not recognised

hello again,

i type [much like a lot of people] on dvorak keyboards. i only changed 2 years ago and am better than i ever was. people should try it for a year, much better.
BUT, openframeworks, or maybe the c++ language, does not accept dvorak settings.

so if i have a keypressed call for say ‘o’, it does not recognise that at all, it is whatever was on that position of the keyboard before.
how can this be sorted if this is a problem with oF?


this is a problem with last version, will release a bugfix version soon which should fix this, meanwhile you can use a GLUT window which doesn’t have this problem, in main:

#include "ofAppGlutWindow.h"  
int main(){  
    ofAppGlutWindow window;  
    ofRunApp(new testApp);  

oooh thank you. i was just about to say again regarding this issue. but realised i had been answered, but not put on reminders.

thanks again

Hi there. I have a similar problem. I’m French and I’m using the bépo layout which is the equivalent for azerty (the “typical” french keyboard) as dvorak for qwerty.

One part of my problem was solved using the Glut window as well but a part of it remains:

In French language we have some special characters, like ï or ê. They required us to press a “dead key” before pressing another one to get the good character. For example : “¨ and then i” that gives ï or “^ and then e” that gives ê.
As different as the two layouts are, some character still required using these dead keys, even in bépo keyboard (plus I want to be able to use any layout anyway).

There lies my problem: I want to use the outcoming character in the keypressed event and not only the keycode. For example I want to be able to recognize an “ï” and at the moment I can only recognise the last “i”.

Is there an easy way to do that ?

Thanks !

(I’ve already managed to find some “solutions” but they are quite ugly (like remembering the last key and perform some comparison and so on)).