dual screen windows


So to do dual screen on windows (1024x768) i open my app 2048 x 768 in Window mode and set the window position to 0,0

Is this the best way to do it?

I auto hide the windows tool bar at the bottom so it fills the screen. However if you press the start menu or switch to the desktop whilst the software is running, windows resizes your app window slightly so that the windows toolbar shows, and then it doesn’t make the window back to the full size.

Has anyone else experienced this?



i’ve had that problem before, check this thread http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/fullscreen-on-a-second-screen-on-windows/1134/0

it worked for me :slight_smile:


Do you have an nvidia card?
If you do you can set the mode to horizontal span and then fullscreen will go fullscreen on both monitors. No need for any hacks :slight_smile:


Ah great theo, that works!

Shame full screen doesn’t work with two separate (non span) displays, as span mode isn’t much fun to use as a working environment.

Did I read somewhere that Game mode actually runs faster than fullscreen?


ATI also have the span mode in the recent drivers. Unfortunately neither NVidia or ATI have span mode in Vista! As apparently stuff has changed in Vista and it breaks it.

But i found this tiny app which seems to be able to make any app go fullscreen across all displays, even when not set to span mode.

Slight annoyance is that you can’t have your app start covering all displays. It always starts covering the primary, then you have to select the app and choose to cover all. If anyone finds a nicer solution for vista, let me know!