DStudio - make music with openFrameworks v1.0 released

DStudio - make music with openFrameworks

DStudio combines the ofSoundStream class of openFrameworks with the DSP library DaisySP from Electro-smith.

DStudio provides another abstraction layer where you don’t deal with soundstreams and filters but with synthesizers, mixers, plugins and sequencers.

Like making a studio with code!

The parts of DStudio are:

ofxDaisySP – an addon with DaisySP, a DSP library.

ofxDStudio – an addon which builds upon DaisySP to give you synthesizers, a sample player, drum sounds, FX plugins, a mixer with FX, sequencers as well as utilities. All can be controlled by MIDI.

demos – nine examples that shows you how to use DStudio.

In ofxDStudio you will find:

3 synthesizer classes
1 sample player class
6 drum classes
1 mixer class
1 splitter class
2 sequencer classes
6 FX classes
a total of 24 classes
10 000+ lines of code
an extensive written manual

Demo on YouTube: DStudio - make music with openFrameworks - YouTube

Download: Open source – OSCILLATOR


Today I released 1.0.1 with a bunch of bugfixes here and there.

Many were discovered while deploying oF + DStudio on a Rock Pi 4. I will do a writeup on this installation soon.


DStudio is now also available for “just” rtAudio, so you don’t need the entire oF framework if you just want to work with audio. It should give you some additional CPU cycles as the framework overhead lessens.

Download DStudio for rtAduio: DStudio for rtAudio

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