DRawing with Mesh

Hello everyone !

I’m pretty new in OF, and i want to draw something with the mouse.

I was making some little things with OF like, create a box and use the mouse to make it more big, and i was doing the same with some mesh (i’m reading : Mastering openFrameworks, Creative Coding Demystified).

But now, i’m simply trying to draw something like an extrusion of a rectangle, following my mouse… And really, i’m lost in all this vector things, I was using the CameraRibbon, or the twisting knot… But if i do not understand all of it, it is not very usefull. :frowning:

Can you explain to me how i can make a extrusion of a rectangle with the coordinates of the mouse, and how it works ? So i will stop annoying you?
I want to learn OF, but i don’t want to only make copy/paste.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I posted a handful of mesh-drawing examples here a while back:


Many of them are well-commented and deal with ofVec*, ofMesh, etc.

Check out https://github.com/bakercp/ExperimentalMedia/tree/master/Week9/UnicornSchmear