Drawing to Fbo (with shaders) Lowers Quality?


I’m trying to make a apply chains of effects using multiple shaders for objects that I’m drawing.
My method is to draw thing to an Fbo using the shader then using that texture as the input for the next shader, essentially ping ponging the fbo.
It works but the image quality is reduced and I was wondering if anyone may be able to tell me why and if there are any alternative solutions.



When allocating your FBO try to increase the number of sampling. It will avoid some nasty aliasing effect/ jaggedness for supposedly smooth lines.
And if it’s a problem with alpha/colors getting grayer, try to mess with the blending function (sometimes you can be in a situation where the alpha value get pre-multiplied to your color buffer, but then get applied again, which damp the colors)

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Thanks, that does improve it.

I just had a look at Multi Sample Anti Aliasing, it seems that this wasn’t included by default before, is it now?