Drawing point clouds

I am just wondering what would be the easiest way in visualizing a reasonable size point cloud in OF? It seems to be that drawing each point as a sphere is a bit brute. Just want to know if there are any other more elegant ways. Thanks guys.

Use an ofMesh, it has drawVertices() that will draw them as points

ofMesh or ofVBOMesh both support moving a blob of data onto the graphics card and manipulating it there, so create the object, pass your points in, and then draw however you’d like. If you’re feeling really clever you can turn the points into quads or triangles or even spheres with a geometry shader :wink:

As Joshua said playing with geom shaders it´s an interesting way.
Here there ( https://github.com/patriciogonzalezvivo/ofxFX/blob/master/src/interactive/ofxFlocking.cpp ) is an geom shader example at line 264 of how to transform points into to triangles