Drawing ofMesh with ofImage bound has super-low quality

So I have an [tt]ofImage image[/tt] with an image loaded, and without resizing the image, I mapped the image to an [tt]ofMesh mesh[/tt].

void testApp::draw() {  

However, the resulting [tt]ofMesh[/tt] has a blurred image mapped over it.

Is there a way to sharpen the quality of this [tt]ofImage[/tt] when bound to the [tt]ofMesh[/tt]?
Or is the answer as simple as using a larger [tt]ofImage[/tt]?

[tt]twisted.png[/tt] shows the resulting [tt]ofMesh[/tt].
[tt]zoom.png[/tt] shows the zoomed in [tt]ofMesh[/tt].
[tt]regular.png[/tt] shows a rectangular [tt]ofMesh[/tt] which matches the size of the [tt]ofImage[/tt]; as seen, the quality is good.
[tt]zoomed reg.png[/tt] shows the zoomed in rectangular [tt]ofMesh[/tt].

![](http://forum.openframeworks.cc/uploads/default/3081/zoomed reg.png)