Drawing colored emoji using ofTrueTypeFont

I am really new to oF. I tried to display emoji using ofTrueTypeFont, but the drawn emoji was not colored. it was gray. is there any way to display colored emoji?

I don’t mean using ofSetColor. I wanted to use the default emoji color.

I looked at this page

my code is like this:


ofTrueTypeFont font;


void ofApp::setup(){
    ofTrueTypeFontSettings font_settings("Apple Color Emoji.ttc", 30);
    font_settings.antialiased = true;

void ofApp::draw(){
    font.drawString("🍣", 100, 400);


My oF version: 0.11.0
OS I use: macOS Catalina 10.15.4(19E266)
IDE I use: Version 11.4 (11E146)

Thank you.

Hi @kotaonaga,

I saw your post while working on this question.
We can show colored emojis, but for now it is only tested with openFrameworks 0.9.4.
If you can manage to get ofxMixedFont working with oF version 0.11.0 that would be best.

I am busy right now, but I also want to get this addon for oF 0.11.x
If I manage, I’ll let you know.

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Hi @felixd,

Thank you!
I will try it with ofxMixedFont!

Hi @kotaonaga,
me again. I got the addon working with oF 0.11.
I sent a PR to the maintainer.
Until the code is merged you can get a copy of the working addon from the branch updateForOF011 :wink:

Hi @felixd,
That’s awesome! I will try it.
Thank you so much!