Drawing anomalies when mixing OF and xib files

I have an app that loads a xib file/viewController as an overlay during the OF setup() phase. In OF 0.7 I had no problems with this, but with OF 0.10.x and Xcode 10, this is what now occurs:

  1. The launch screen appears from a Launch Screen.storyboard file.
  2. My OF content draws briefly but without the xib overlay
  3. I get one or two frames where only the OF background appears, without my other OF content and without the xib overlay
  4. the OF content reappears, now with the xib overlay

This all happens so quickly that it looks like a flash - I had to make a screen recording and slow it down to actually see what was happening. The point of the overlay, by the way, is to present a couple buttons that, when pressed, call two other xib file/overlays (settings and info viewControllers). One could reasonably argue that I should create the buttons using OF, but I’d like to avoid that step if possible. (I’m updating an app to make it 64-bit compliant.)

If anyone has any clues about how to solve this, I would be most grateful.

A related question: how does setup() relate to the whole view controller life cycle?