Drawing a custom overlay on iOS Camera [SOLVED]

Hi there,
I’m trying to draw ontop of iOS’s normal camera view, I’ve seen that there is the opportunity to add a custom overlay via a UIView, is it possible to have an animated ofFBO be that overlay?

The reason why I was looking to put an overlay onto of the native IOS Camera view instead of using the ofVideoGrabber was because of two things:

  1. Poor Resolution
  2. No Controls over focus and exposure.

I found a couple of posts that helped me out. Here are the solves:

  1. When the ofVideoGrabber is initiated it needs to have “sensible width + height values” I was trying to use 2048x1536 as that is full screen retina, this was then defaulting to 480x360, I thought that this was then a limitation in the video grabber. Actually using the values 1280x720 worked and gave a good resolution image. Hazah!
  2. This was solved by modifying a couple of classes, outlined here
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Confused … :confused:
What are you using finally !? ofVideoGrabber or ofxiOSImagePicker ? And which class modification ?

I used ofVideoGrabber. The class modifications are in the link in the post

Thank you for clarification. Have a nice day :slight_smile: