Draw on screen while thread is running

I’m parsing an xml document (search/modify some attributes, etc…) and this requires quite a bit of time… I’d like to move all of the parsing operations into a separate thread and in the meantime update the screen with a progress bar. :confused:
Is possible to achieve it with ofThread? :question:


PS: (I’m quite used to Android where I would use a simple asyncTask object which has the onProgressUpdate() method and the doInBackground() and onPostExecute() )

I am not an expert in OF but i feel this could be done.

here is possible solution,
have a separate thread which does xml parsing, update the main gui thread using ofEvents .
refrence, there are good examples related to ofEvents , may be that will give you good idea.

In the main gui thread’s void draw() check whether you have anything to update .

(checking for update in GUI thread’s draw() is like android’s onProgressUpdate() ,
doing xml parsing in separate thread is like doInBackGround(),

with this you can achieve asyncTask’s functionality.

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Thanks @Arun_sh!
I’ll surely give a look at ofEvents, they seem quite useful.
Currently I’m trying https://github.com/bakercp/ofxTaskQueue which I found very intuitive and easy to play with.

glad to help :slight_smile: . ofxTaskQueue looks good , but it feels like over kill, if you just want to update progress . ! you are adding whole new addon just for this !. it is better to know the alternatives. :slight_smile: