draw() loop

i was also wondering if it’s possible to turn off the drawing loop in oF. i want drawing to be controlled by a hardware controller (connected via serial) … and imagine that there’s some behind the scenes things taking place in the loop that i need to be aware of. in processing, for example, i can call noLoop() in the setup() function and call redraw() every time i want to, well, redraw.



the quick answer is no.

I really don’t think this is possible to do easily :slight_smile: and we **definitely dont ** recommend hacking this out of OF.

better, much better, to use a boolean variable that you turn on or off to control drawing. if you need to turn off clearing, there is an option for that in OF.

I just hacked it out of curiousity (ie, commented out lines in ofGlutGlue) and the result is not pretty at all…

we don’t at this time support a noLoop option. we do however support turning off the background automatically being updated. We’ve had some issues with that working in some window settings fullscreen/windowed on PC, but we will have a fix in 0.05.

hope that helps.

take care