Draw half cylinder, or two different textures for same cylinder

hi forum.

i have a cylinder without top and bottom caps.
i am trying to map 2 different textures on to this cylinder. texture A should cover one half of the cylinder and texture B the other half.
i tried making one large texture from an FBO and map that directly on to the whole cylinder. but for some reason on the raspberry PI my texture could not be much bigger than 2500 x 512 pixels.

so, i thought of make a half cylinder and map one texture on it and make an other half cylinder for the other texture.
is there a way maybe via ofMesh to get half a cylinder?
or is there a way to define the texture coordinates for my two textures?


found a hackish solution by making this small change in ofMesh.cpp, function ofMesh ofMesh::cylinder( … ) {


float angleIncRadius = -1 * ( TWO_PI/((float)radiusSegments-1.f));


float angleIncRadius = -1 * ( (TWO_PI/ divide ) /((float)radiusSegments-1.f));