draw fonts as vector

I am actually pretty sure that I had an OF example that did that a while back. Since I could neither find it on my harddrive nor in the forums it might have been a dream.
Is there something like that out there?



dont know if it’s what you think about, and not wrapped to of :expressionless:

but here a usefule link for ‘really vector fonts’


hope it help

check the “fontShapesExample” in examples, is that what you are looking for?

  • zach

yeah it will be in fontShapesExample… you can get a number of verticies for each character and draw them as a polygon, so not really vector but looks good enough.

yes, I think that was it, thanks :slight_smile:
and sorry for being so blind, it was too late yesterday!


I just found this which also looks pretty interesting:


Yeah the approach we take is kind of like what we do for the texture - we give you a shape for each character that should look good at the size you loaded the font in at. But if you scale it up you will notice how the curves are a series of small straight lines.

You could hack / extend ofTTF so that it gives you back just the font control points / bezier points - then it would be up to you to render the curve data to openGL.

I am actually working on a project that needs to be able to scale a typeface and have the curves stay smooth - so I will let you know if I come up with a good solution.


sweet, sounds good!

hi theo / all

i came upon this post and your comment about an ongoing project involving font as curves. do u have progress on that?
i am trying to pimp a small news visualization i did one year ago which draws dynamically topic tags and sth they need to be scaled if they got more important. apart from the nicer - would drawing the letters as curves be theoretically also faster than scaling a texture where the character is drawn?

thx in advance