Downloading nightly builds, how?


when I click on any nightly build, the browser jumps to the start page and doesn’t download anything. I am confused, what I am doing wrong?



hi there,
visit the github page of OF and git-clone the nightly build from there

this is probably just a broken link - @arturo could you take a look?

yes, it’s some problem in the server, going to take a look

Thank you @arturo,

the download works fine now.



It doesn't work , re-directs to home page

I had same problem couple weeks ago, I thought it’s got something to do with OF guys doing something on server side.
I could not find build on Github, so I , eh… gave up

yes sorry, not sure what’s going on, the server is generating the packages correctly but they get deleted every day for some reason, i’m looking into it but can’t figure it out, will let you know as soon as it’s solved

I just got a model 1473 kinect, but can’t get it to work for the mac. I have tried downloading the nightly build for open frameworks, but it is missing the osx stuff I need for it to work.

Without the nightly build for osx I am kind of stuck. It’s more than just the files, because when I put the ofxkinect(nightlybuild) add-on into the traditional download I get over twenty errors that have to do with the libusb.h file.

The nightly builds link ( seems to be broken again.
Could you please take a look?