DoodleClassifier OSC messages

Hi all - I’m having issues with Gene Kogan’s DoodleClassifier - with both the openFrameworks project and the binary.

I get it to classify well - but I’m confused about the syntax for the outgoing OSC message and also how to use these classes to trigger sounds in Ableton.

In testing I used MAX because I can use the Print Object to see the incoming messages.
I see them but am unable to Route them to events/bangs due to the space between /classification circle (for example).

Has anyone used has anyone used Gene Kogan’s DoodleClassifier to trigger audio in MAX or Albeton? Please help!

Thanks, Rachel

I have not used the doodle classifier, but if you are on a mac, then you could use ofOSCDebugger to monitor osc messages.

I’ll check that out - Thanks much.