Donations / Supporting OF

Hi all!

I just wanted to let the forum know that we are moving to a new Donation system ( supported by Open Collective ). You can check it out here:

If you are able to and would like to support OF it would be amazing to contribute a monthly amount within your budget. At the moment we have monthly costs ( server costs ) in the $500-600 range. We’re hoping to cover that with donations from the community, larger cooperate sponsors and arts funding.

The nice thing about Open Collective is all the contributions and expenses are viewable to the public, so it will make it easy to see where your money is going.

If we are able to raise excess money above the server costs it can go towards paying people to tackle code, community or documentation projects that are in need of attention.

If you are already donating to OF via the prior system, firstly Thank You!!! and second, we’ll shoot you an email soon with info on moving over to

If anyone has issues with the above, please reply here.

Thanks! :pray::pray::pray: