Does openFrameworks support creation of full scale Desktop Application?

I want to build a system that would support Micro-coding Analysis of User interaction Data in Multimodal Data Streams, which can be hosted on cross platform.
The system will be mainly used by researchers, who would analyze their qualitative data (video, audio, images to begin with) using this system. System will support annotation and labeling functionalities for a given data. Display data in tree hierarchies etc

Does openFramworks support such application creation & UI development?
Where users can interact with the systems, open contents either in new tab OR in a new window, open concurrent windows (that may display video files, textual data).

I want to use excellent library support openFrameworks has, however I want to know if such desktop based UI development is possible using openFrameworks. (since most of the examples I have came across are single threaded, single windows)

Your feedback is very valuable to me, thanks in advance.


Hi Sourabh,

Multiwindow is possible in the Master branch of the github repository, and will be included in the 0.9.0 release. If you need to use the stable 0.8 release, then you need to use an addon, this is my fork of Theo’s addon, either version may be of use to you:

Multithreading is definitely possible, ofThread eases this.

Generally the common UI addons are cross platform, but non-native, so it depends if that is an issue for you, take a look at ofxGUI and ofxUI. It may also be worth investigating QT

Good luck!

Thanks! Acarabott