does openCV fail after a certain amount of time?

I’m running an application I made using openFrameworks v0.062 and the openCV addon, it uses blob detection with video source from a webcam and such. Anyway, I ran an extended test of the app, first a whole day running with no problems. Then I made an accelerated test by running the application and changing the hour of my computer before certain hours so that I could watch what would happen when a future event was triggered.

I found out that openCV stopped capturing video from a webcam after like 24 hours.

Now I can think of many things that could go wrong, but when the capture failed the application could still detect blobs and was still running perfectly. When I clicked on close it would crash and wouldn’t let me close it so I had to reboot. I also know that changing the hour of the computer might not be a good idea.

Any thoughts or experiences with this type of behaviour?
thank you!

I’ve running the tests again and noticed that I may have been chaging the hours back at certain points. Avoiding this made everything work out great!
But I still do have the question:

does openCV fail after a certain amount of time?

OpenCV is pretty rock solid as far as I know, I know of plenty of installations that have used it for days/weeks without restarting. You might want to run your code with a memory leak profiler to ensure that you’re not somehow leaking memory somewhere that affects your code?

I’m curious: how would changing the time on your computer affect the webcam?

=D no idea, that is why I was asking. I don’t have that much experience with c++.
I also think I’ve been reading your book.
Thanks for the answer and the book!!! :smiley: