does OF has minimum hardware specs on PC?

I’ve recently acquired a 10 year old pc and I tried to compile a few OF apps on it, …but I’ve noticed that images did not draw. They loaded but they did not draw…

empty example compiled fine, most things worked… but images just appeared as boxes…

I formated it. and installed windows XP again but… same problem.

I then installed windows 7 (believe it or not they run faster than xp )

but problem remained , infact now all apps that handle an image in them even ProjectGenerator.exe just crash right at the beginning and the debugger says nothing at all…

Could it be something with openGl not installed correctly or something?

If Raspberry pi is able to handle OF apps why does this particular PC causes me so much trouble?

could it be a hardware issue? like a broken graphics card? - everything else seem to be working ok though…

here are some screenshots of its specs:

![]( specs.png)

try installing a graphics card driver but intel cards, mostly that old, usually lack support for some opengl features that OF needs to run

… is there a way to enable opengles on a pc without breaking anything?
could something easy like:

#define TARGET_OPENGLES inside ofAppRunner work ?

it would be nice if we could have a way to support older pcs as well . A least for the very basic stuff like drawing an image…

…they are really cheap I got mine for £20

opengles is not supported on pcs really