does anyone have oF templates for eclipse/codeblocks for mac?

greetings all,

as the title says, im on the look out for oF templates for eclipse or code::blocks, for mac.
i do know that we all have xcode on macs. but im making the switch to linux & am changing my ide as well to fit with both eclipse or code::blocks being multi-platform. which will help a lot if working in different platforms.
but just wanted to ask whether anyone has any oF templates, or even a setup sheet for these environments in mac. im on mountian lion.

i did find a posting, but it was from i think 2009/10, so will be more than out of date for openframeworks requirements now. i did try working it, but no such luck.


I’m not sure it will work on mac&eclipse yet, but with the new makefile system also working on mac, it is maybe already possible to use the linux eclipse project files on mac, too. use current OF develop branch, and try following the setup guide:

for new projects, you don’t need “templates”, you just create a “new makefile project from existing source” after you copied the makefiles and addons.make over (the project generator in /apps/devApps/projectGenerator/ should also be able to do that, but I’m not sure if that one has been modified for the new makefile system yet)

arturo will probably know more details.

fantastic, thanks a bunch. even if somethings dont work, thats fine for the time being, as long as it works :wink:
ill give arturo a message off topic/forum. unless he sees this first :wink:

well i have made a jump to ubuntu. but am on the look for code::blocks setup for mac. i feel like im getting somewhere, but am just too busy at the mo’.
BUT… is setting up CB in linux the same as mac?
if so, then ill just follow on from that


just giving this a bump to ask about code blocks in mac. has anyone set it up, can it be the same-ish than linux or win users?
does anyone have any pointers in getting it all to work?
did try a good ol projectGenerator to try, but it doesnt work. so any help would be great.
code blocks is really nice by the way

So code::blocks on windows is very different than code::blocks on Linux. Windows uses a build configuration and Linux uses makefiles (I think). I don’t think you are going to hit anyone that has tried what you are describing so you might be the lone ranger forging new and uncharted territory for building oF sans XCode. I do know the new Makefile system for oF requires the Xcode commandline tools to build for OSX so any IDE that you can configure to execute those makefiles could maybe work. We can build oF in Eclipse but that is for the Android project. You might want to start with that project to see how you could configure Eclipse to build oF for OSX, Windows, Linux.

-God Speed Good Sir

configure Eclipse to build oF for OSX, Windows, Linux.
at least linux has been working for ages (not only for android stuff)

really? I would like to see that!

sure thing, follow, it should be pretty accurate/current.