Does anyone has used openFrameworks with Orange Pi?

Orange Pi
Hi, I’ve seen there’s some kind of Raspberry Pi clone with a AllWinner H3 Cortex-A7 @ 1.6GHz.
They use the same Raspberry Pi image, so I think it should be compatible with openFrameworks for Arm right?
Does anyone has used openFrameworks with Orange Pi? I’m interested because those little computers are powerful and they have microphone, integrated wifi and other advantages over RPI.

Theoretically oF should be able to run on this, though I don’t know if anyone has tried it.

If I were going to try it, I’d start with the 0.9.0 release of oF using the generic armv7 config and see if it compiles. If not, you can make an armv7 platform variant (e.g. you can see examples for the udoo and rpi2 here here).

After making a custom config file (e.g. you would call your the standard make files with something like:

make PLATFORM_VARIANT=orangepi

to make sure that it used your configuration file.

Seems they are using their own version of Raspbian?

I have ordered a couple of these boards, as soon as they arrive I’ll updated this post.
Thank you.

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Hello there,

Any updates on this fruitPi . Got it working with oF ?
The price and specs really makes OrangePi a good alternative.

Thanks a lot !

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