Does anyone already use ShareKit to share to FB, twitter etc?

I just discovered that

It seems to be a really nice toolkit to share stuff using iOS apps.

Does anyone use it?
Is there a better way with OF native stuff?

Any infos or ideas would be appreciate

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fyi, in case you are interested, is the new doc / git repos of the v2.0 which is supported by the community

You won’t really find stuff like this in OF because it’s too case specific IMO. Sharekit is one of the standard sharing frameworks for iOS. It’s great and there’s no reason not to use it.

hi seth, and thanks for your feedback.

I’m a bit stuck with and the iPhoneGuiExample.
Would you help me a bit?

Which part are you stuck at? I haven’t used sharkit in a while.

I created a button in my nib.
I added and “connected” that button to:

- (void)myButtonHandlerAction  
  // Create the item to share (in this example, a url)  
  NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:@"["];]("];)  
  SHKItem *item = [SHKItem URL:url title:@"ShareKit is Awesome!"];  
  // Get the ShareKit action sheet  
  SHKActionSheet *actionSheet = [SHKActionSheet actionSheetForItem:item];  
  // ShareKit detects top view controller (the one intended to present ShareKit UI) automatically,  
  // but sometimes it may not find one. To be safe, set it explicitly  
  [SHK setRootViewController:self];  
  // Display the action sheet  
  [actionSheet showFromToolbar:navigationController.toolbar];  

I have a pb basically with the last message to actionsheet.
I have an error with navigationController.
I guess it is VERY basic and a pb with IB.

I’d like to implement other views using iPhoneGuiExample, too.

Do you have a navigationController? Since it doesn’t seem you do, since it’s undefined, you should use

[actionSheet showInView:self.view]   


[actionSheet showInView:[[UIApplication sharedApplication] keyWindow]];  

I have that bunch of errors
My main problem here seems to be the mix between OF & ObjectiveC/iOS SDK.
I’ll dig that later & maybe elsewhere as you suggested before. yes it is a bit specific.

Btw, if I could go ONLY with OF (even for those share features), I’ll go that way :slight_smile:
C++ with libpd (or even with portaudio) is so powerful.
I just finished my first app ; beta test step currently (waiting for … an ipad now)

Those errors probably mean that you forgot to add a native framework. You have to add these frameworks to your project:

CFNetwork.framework (for Flickr)
CoreLocation.framework (for Foursquare)
Twitter.framework (it is new in iOS 5, so if you deploy to older versions of iOS, mark it optional)

I was in another XCode project and I totally forgot that step in the new one.
It builds, but the share widget isn’t visible by clicking on my button associated with that action… strange…


has replaced

- (void)myButtonHandlerAction    

and it works very fine now.

(many thanks for the frameworks integration stuff I have forgotten as a newbie :stuck_out_tongue: )

it works fine on twitter for sharing a link.
now, testing for pictures (and pictures grabbed from my screen . . . wow)

Excellent. Glad you got it working.

works too, but seems to work only with saved stuff (which can be understandable)

I now have to save pictures taken & processed with my app on the phone gallery.
I didn’t figure out that but it is another topic :stuck_out_tongue:

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hi @julienbayle, would you mind to share how you configure your xcode project? I’ve added all the missing frameworks but those functions still can’t be found correctly.

Here is how I set up the sharekit & add additional frameworks:

Any advices would be very appreciated!