DMX via TCP (Ethernet)

Hello everyone,

I have two DMX interfaces to control two different systems.

One DMX to Bacnet for controlling a motor.

And one DMX to Dali for controlling light.

Looking at I’ve found these DMX addons, but all of them works via USB.

Anyone knows how can I send DMX protocol via TCP using a ethernet cable?
I suspect this will need to use the fabricators software and control via drivers.


Both of these products seem to work with the vantage home automation lighting network. The are not standard DMX nodes. They are both controlled by the vantage control protocol, one will output DMX and the other Bacnet. AFAIK there is no version of TCP DMX- there is a UDP implementation - artnet that is widely used and great and there are a lot of Artnet to DMX hardware devices that work very well.

I was in contact with the manufactor, and they recommended me to work with a Modbus network.
So I would need a computer with two network boards, one for LAN, and other for Modbus.
I theory, Modbus can easily communicate with Bacnet and Dali.

The DMX seems to be causing more trouble than helping…

Found this addon:

I will maybe have some news on this in the next month, I’ll let you know.

Thank you!