DMX controllable lights that don't emit infrared?

I’m just wondering if anyone has any suggestions regarding DMX controllable lights (I’m using a DMX dimmer at the moment) that don’t put out any IR. I’d like to do some IR tracking but still control some lights in the area but not have the lights interfere with the tracking (the lights are being faded up and down at various points in time). Are there any filters I could use on the lights? Are there special bulbs that don’t put out IR?
Any suggestions hugely welcome!

Hi Grimus,
to prevent IR-Emitting you should use DMX controllables LED-PARs or something similar. Most of the commercial DMX Light Hardware you get as an LED model.
For existing stuff you could use a ‘hotmirror’. This let pass all visible light and blocks the IR. 8)


You can use 269 Lee Filter “Heat Shield” to prevent most of IR Emissions from the PAR.


We ended up finding a company that made a transparent IR filter…a “heat shield” I guess, although I can’t remember the product name. Using a PAR can was much better because it was brighter than the LED lights. The filter didn’t block 100% of the IR, but around 90-95% and this was enough to get things working…

I wrote some code for controlling DMX 512 over USB with OF…I’ll post it soon with some videos of the piece.

We tested this at a recent show with a ‘heat shield’ (not sure if it was the 269 lee filter or not)
and didn’t get great results. In the end we just had to kill the lights. If I had thought this through in advance, I would have sent the request in for the lighting techs to use led-pars instead.