Dlib Face recognition ,detect faces from multiple images

i want to create a face recognition app based on this example

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this example recognize faces from a given image and rearrange them in clusters, i want to use this example in my app which supposed to track faces from a webcam ,save them in a folder . so i want to pass all those images inside a loop to rearrange them all in clusters ,

the ofFaceRecognition object can find faces in one image input, the question is how can i make it able to find faces from multiple images and the output would be clusters which contains faces from all images

ofFaceRecognition face_recognition;

Were you able to get this running?

I’ve got various dlib face recognition examples running of in ofxDlib. What are you trying to do?

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Ah this is great stuff. I’ll have to get back to my dev computer to check it out, but I think the recognition example is where I want to start; trying to get % matches against a face so the software can recognize individuals to some extent. Thank you for contributing this!

Super. Keep me posted. I also have some uncommitted code on the develop branch with a more flexible database structure and some experiments with supervised / unsupervised face recognition, enrollment, etc, etc.

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Hi there !!

Thank you a lot @bakercp for your work integrating DLib in OF.

Took me some time to fix a libpng version error at runtime, but found a solution here.

Do you think we could modify the faceRecognition example so it could work realtime…?

It should already – what branch are you using?

I’m on the master, should i switch to the develop branch ?

Ok, i got where i wanted modifying the example_dlib_dnn_face_recognition sample from the master branch.

Thank you again for your work integrating Dlib in OF !

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