Distributing OF apps

Hi all.

I am working on an OF VJ application (like so many). The platform is a macbook pro running OSX 10.5 (Leopard, Intel). While coding the effects I appretiate some feedback so I am trying to send the .app to my teammate. The problem is he can’t start the application and after some debugging on his laptop the gdb says it can’t load rtAudio.o, that’s used with ofSoundStreamSetup. The path it’s spitting out in the error message makes it look like it is searching for the file on my computer instead of his.

I tried making a build command to copy the rtAudio.a into the app/Contents/MacOS folder and relinking from there, but that didn’t help, still the same error.

Has anyone experienced issues like this?

Before you answer, there might be an issue with this dealing with me moving files around. I love OF but I don’t like that I have to put all of my projects inside the OF folder, so I decided to move the OF files into my project folder instead and setting it up from there. It all compiles and runs fine on my computer, but as stated above, fails when I try to redistribute the file.

Any help is much appretiated.

have you tried to build with target “release”. from what i remember debug-builds in xcode only run on your machine… could be wrong there.

Hi, thanks for the tip but I have tried building with both debug and release, and the error persists.