Distribute an app on raspberry pi


I need to share an Openframeworks app with a user that won’t have the Openframeworks toolkit installed on his raspbian SD card.

What do I need to share with him apart from the app file and the data folder so he can run the app on his system?

You’ll need to share the app bundle (the executable + data / bin directories).

Additionally, your client will need to run this script (or one like it) to install the shared libraries required by the standard compiled app.

Great, thanks,
that was the kind of answer I was expecting, but I could not find documentation about it.

@kouky let us know if you run into any issues!

The user I shared the application with said ‘sudo ./install_dependencies.sh’ did not work, but said he was able to install the dependencies with a chmod execute command.
Not sure what he meant exactly, but in the end he could run the app on his system.

What is the exact command someone should write to install the dependencies? … So I will know for next time.

oh yeah I think they ship as not executable maybe?

chmod a+x install_dependencies.sh

would make it executable by all users.