Displaying OTF ligatures


is it possible to display ligature information using an otf font?

Do you mean find and replace letter combinations with ligatures or something else?

Hi christopher

i made a custom otf metafont for typing visually coded messages which can be decoded by simple copy/paste to a notepad. (http://randomroutine.tumblr.com/post/92652391084/derkovits-otf)

i would like to install the font to a computer-like installation with a keyboard.

as you see the otf has some code in it to change the characters at the beginning of a word, and at the end as well - to form groups of people. its the same as fi ligature replacement for example.

gabor papp told me its not working well in OF to display alternate cases in fonts.

i meant if its possible to display these in OF, without more coding?

Currently it isn’t possible to access these OTF features in OF :frowning:. We are using FreeType and only use the most basic kerning tables. In the next version of ofFont (which is in progress and planned before 1.0) more advanced kerning (horz/vert), RTL layout, ligatures, etc will hopefully be supported via harfbuzz, etc. So, bad news is it’s not possible to do this now with the built in ofTrueTypeFont class …

ok thanks! ill look for a different method.