Displaying multipile objects with different camera views

Hi. Long time user, first time forum poster upper. I was hoping to get some advice on how to design the flow of a GUI.

What I am trying to do: I have a class that is sucking up data from another program, and the of GUI is displaying it via a set of different 3D graph visualizations. On the right side of the screen will be a large 3D plot, and on the left side of the screen will be a column of subgraphs and plots. Each plot/graph should be rotatable, zoomable, etc. Something like this, but prettier. https://www.mathworks.com/help/examples/matlab/win64/GS2DAnd3DPlotsExample_06.png

The question: How to I structure the code? I am hoping that each graph will be its on “App” I would guess, with its own rendering, own set of controls, and parameters, and zooming. The kicker is that the data is coming from a seperate class, and as this is semi real time, I dont want to have to do a lot of data copying (there will be lots).

Asside from setting them all in one 3d space, any tips on best approach?

Thanks in advance?

I think that having each graph on a different app can make it really cumbersome.
Instead, try using a ofEasyCams and different rectangles where to render each one.
Take a look at examples/3d/advanced3dExample for an idea.

You can have different parameters for each class, you just render the gui in the correct spot and thats all.
If you want to have each graph on its own window but part of the same app take a look at the windowing examples.

I saw the advanced3dExample. I will look into it more.

So would the code go something like this?

begin cam 1 at location
render objects
end cam 1
begin cam 2 at location
render objects
end cam 2
etc etc.

Whats the whole ofFbo deal? Do I want to use that? Will the render engine know that objects, lights, etc in cam 2 dont have anything to do with cam 1?

Got it working, thanks!