Displaying images in ofxControlPanel

I recently have been playing around with the ofxControlPanel addon and i was wondering if it is capable of displaying the images being listed in the image lister unto its own small window for viewing?

If it can, how? i tried using ofImage but could only use it to display one image and it wasn’t even displayed correctly, just a white window. Thank you!

I just put this into the setup() part

gui.addDrawableRect(“image”, &image, 200, 150);

that should work.
just make sure your ofImage is not created in setup but somewhere else ( ie is inside testApp.h )

can you draw the image outside of ofxControlPanel?

Yeah, i can draw the image outside, and now inside ofxControlPanel. Is there anyway to select images from the list in controlpanel and have it display automatically unto a

gui.addDrawableRect(“image”, &images, 200, 150);

so when i select the image name in the ofxControlPanel sample, it will display the said image. I know this is how i get the path and name of the image: data.getString(k)

unfortunately this does not work when i use it with the ofImage: image.loadImage(data.getString(k));