Display/Read a wav file as... text of bits

Hi there,
I’m just seeking to read a WAV file as bits (I mean as the basic series of 0 and 1). Basically, it would be uncompressed! So plain PCM encoded.

How would you process the header too ? I need to remove the header, and then to read the payload (I mean the wav content) as bits.

Thanks for any suggestion

May help to you use ofsoundbuffer class? That ofsoundbuffer class might help you to read, modify that sound data.

There are some comments in the forum about how to load wav into ofSoundBuffer. And there comment also this cool [addon] (https://github.com/roymacdonald/ofxSoundObjects)

Also could work ( ive never test it ) to load the wav fiel into ofFile class, then read it as a ofBuffer.

ofBuffer buffer = ofBufferFromFile(“someFile.txt”); // reading into the buffer