Displacement shader/ mesh with paintable height map

Hi there,

I have a project coming up and I was wondering if I could get some recommendations on the best plan of attack and any reading material you know about would be very appreciated.

We need to create an interactive sand background. I have thought about this and I was thinking the plan of attack is to create a displacement based off a height map of some noise or an image (or even grabbing a pre created mesh for the initial shape) and then control the vertex positions with height map alterations.

I was thinking that i could write a drawing app that draws a grey scale height map to effect the displacement.

Now a few questions, can I get your opinions on what the best method to do this is? Using GLSL vertex shaders? Tessellation? Rebuilding/ manipulating the vertices?

Sorry for the vagueness of the question but its really more a request for suggestions than for a solid answer as we have very little time to prototype and even less to build (dont ask)

Kind Regards


There are some addons for the drawing of terrains, i didn’t use any of them and don’t know if they are useful for you.

Or you can simply draw your own grid, based on a simple greyscale mask.
Maybe this could be helpful, too: http://openframeworks.cc/tutorials/graphics/generativemesh.html