Discussion: One place for addons?

Hi all,

after diving a little into OF and playing around with a lot of examples and addons that have been posted here and examples code from the web I noticed that there is one really frustrating thing for me: multiple, differnent version of addons made by different persons that have the same name.

What I found till now, there are 2 versions of ofxTmer that don’t have the same functions and ofxCvHaarFinder have different function calls.

For me as a beginner with OF and C++ it is very hard to find out why an example is not compiling and this is just frustrating.
Also, a lot of addons are missing a proper nstall.xml file.

I just want to encourage everybody to submit there addons to addons.openframeworks.cc, this should be the one place where you should find all addons (or at least a link to the current version).

OF is awesome, thank you everybody for making that wonderful tool and extending it allthe time :slight_smile:

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thanks for the recommendation – and def. understand the frustrations you might be having. Actually, we’ve had trouble maintaining addons.openframeworks.cc so we’re in the process of transitioning away from that site, and encouraging people to put up their addons on google code, git or on their own site:

for example:


we’re asking addon developers to add release versions and direct downloads (not just svn or git to get the code) for example:


where the version number can help you make sure you are talking about the same thing, etc:


since OF moved to GIT / GITHUB, we’ve also encouraged addon developers to head over there… it’s been a slow process, but it’s getting there. github is good, because small changes can be added, and it’s easy to navigate through specific versions and works-in-progress (which many addons are).

At any rate, your suggestions are quite good and we’ll try to do a better job of encouraging that – I just wanted to point out that addons.openframeworks.cc is in the process of being ended. Also, I think it will help when addon developers create threads in the forum for their addons and new releases, etc. We can maybe make these sticky (so that they stay on the top)…


Hi zach,

thanks for your fast reply. I never understood the addon page as a CVS or something like that, I more understood it as a place where you could go and have a database of all addons (no matter where there are actually to find, github/googlecode/whatever would be fine for me.
What I would like is just list of addons with a brief description what the addon provides, which addons it may require (like ofxcvhaarfinder which for example obviously needs ofxopencv) and where the addon can be found, so just a simple database but a single point where you can look if you are searching a specific addon or functionality.

Thats it actually :slight_smile:

Greetings and thank you again for the awesome work,


at the moment, that place is here (links / description / etc):


but it could use some updates – we’ll get on it…

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Thanks for the fast reply,
I already forget about that page :wink: