Discuss projectGenerator working with static lib addons

Hey all! (Also @ofTheo in reference to the discussion in the boost thread)

Currently projectGenerator does not support addons which are included into solutions as static libraries. I’ve added some notes into ofxAddonLib repo to describe this usage pattern:

elliotwoods/ofxAddonLib (github.com)

This gives solutions that look a bit like:

In order for projectGenerator to support this pattern, ideally we would have for Visual Studio:

  1. Semantics in addon_config.mk for adding .props files to VS project settings
  2. Semantics in addon_config.mk for adding .vcxproj files to VS solution
  3. Sementics in addon_config.mk for adding .vcxproj references to VS project settings

First question would be whether there is any interest to have this supported.


Hi @elliotwoods This would be really nice not just for VS but in general. Having the possibility of having addons as static libs would save a lot of compile time. How much work do you think this would take?