Disable OpenGL Window

I have a project that doesn’t render anything on the OpenGL window. Is it possible to disable it and leave only the console interface? I have tried to find how to start the app without the OpenGL window but I haven’t had success.

Also as a curiosity what if I wanted the other way around? Disable the console and only leave the OpenGL window?

to disable openGL look for ofAppNoWindow. what do you mean with disabling the console? in codeblocks you get a console window but it’s only for debugging purposes. if you run the application from the desktop the console window won’t appear

Thanks. I found ofAppNoWindow class and it works as expected.
About the console… nevermind!

Hi @arturo,

if I use ofAppNoWindow instead of ofAppGlutWindow, it is impossible to use ofFbo anymore. Thus, is there any method use ofFbo when disabling opengl window.

Thank you very much.