Disable custom shell script in 0.92, after compiling

Hi there,

At least on version 0.92 and Master, after compiling my application (either Debug or Release) on Xcode, it runs two custom shell scripts. The second places the data inside the app container.

This is something I already did for final builds, which is helpful and clean, but not for every build. Specially when you have crazy amounts of assets.

Is there a way to disable this without messing around the source?


@hubris this was added accidentally and will be removed in the 0.9.3 hotfix which we are releasing in the next couple of days.

In the meantime you can go to the run script phase of your Xcode project and remove the line which does the copy.
( select the Xcode project in the side bar, select the app target and then select build phases and scroll down to run script )

apologies for this issue!

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No need! :smiley: Thanks for the reply.

Btw, will this be available as a function? Something like ofMakeFinalBuild()? That would be pretty… pretty… pretty… pretty good!

There is actually simply an extra target ‘Build App Store’ which also has a #define which you can query.

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Even better! Thanks! :smiley: