Digital dome projection tools

Here are some tools to facilitate work within a digital dome:

Create a digital domemaster:

Slice the domemaster in real-time over multiple projectors:

I’ve been using oF this year in order to build the latest version of vDome. The first version was built in Max about two years ago. vDome was developed for the IAIA digital dome theatre:

vDome is still a WIP, but we use it regularly for shows, performances, and classes. There has been a trend among certain groups within digital domes to move away from computer clusters to a single rendering machine. At IAIA we have two separate systems: the installed system from Sky-Skan on 8 computers and vDome on an a single i7 desktop. We project 2K x 2K domemasters over 6 projectors. Generally we use vDome as a standalone warp/blend box equipped with a capture card. This allows us to plug in an additional computer and display anything on the dome without modification. The purpose of vDome is to allow artists and students to work on the dome in real-time, something that can be difficult with a cluster.

Lately, I’ve been helping people set up their portable domes for outdoor events. For them I’m planning to add camera-based auto-calibration. Currently vDome has manual calibration tools which IMO is actually better for permanent theaters as calibration is rarely done and manual tools provide more control.

Thanks to oF, vDome runs well on most hardware and operating systems. We’ve literally been recycling 5-7 year old computers for outdoor dome events and have had great results. I don’t get a lot of time to work on vDome, so being able to leverage the community effort has been instrumental in developing an application that is x-platform, open source, and free. The only thing that has been a bit of a hang up is multiple-windows on OpenGL 3+, but a single window spanning multiple projectors works just as well with exception of trying to use multiple graphics cards on Ubuntu.

Feel free to drop me a line if you work with dome projection or have interest. I’m happy to help you get set up, make hardware recommendations, etc. If you want to help out with vDome, that is most welcome and the future development section on the readme outlines the roadmap.

Thanks all for the oF.


Hello, i am interested in your software. I have portable dome and want use 2 projectors for fulldome videos projection. I download all programs which is in Github, but i don’t know how it install. I don’t know how do compiling. When i download i must do compiling with visual or code blocks? Maybe you can write how do all step by step? Its very important for me. It’s one of the best work which i see. Thanks immediately.