Digital Collisions 1.2

So happy.
The second application released in 2 weeks.
Small. Light.
I hope you’ll like it. (iPhone/iPod) (iPad)

Digital Collision is a unique sound generator based on physics collisions algorithms.
It can produces real nice sound textures from the most clear to the weirdest granular.
The sound engine is a polyphonic tone generator.

It is the second application designed by Julien Bayle (known as protofuse on the digital electronic music scene)

Touch the screen to create particles.
Each particle lives its own life, making sounds while bumping walls or meeting the other particles.

By clicking on Menu, you can control particles lifes & sounds.

Zen defines the quietness of particles.
Autogeneration is a special mode where particles are generated automatically, sometimes.
Birth defines the amount of automatically generated particles in Autogeneration mode.
Delay Amount is the percentage of delay fx, Time is the length of the delay,Feedback is the percentage of output sent back inside the Delay, Symmetry is the most strange parameter involving stereo disorientation.
Filter Freq control the center frequency of the global BandPass filter & High Notes is the Highest Note produced (MIDI notation)

You have to test the Noise.
It produces an unique & nebulous collision soundscape & you can control the amount of nebulosity.

The background of the application is totally time-sensitive.
It can be black at night and light grey at day, a manner to express the living behaviour of the machine

New version in review process at Apple.

Thanks to Jordan Rudess (DREAM THEATER band) to have made this little video:


  • totally remixed user interface to UI Kit only
  • sound engine improved
  • multitouch balls grabbing & interactions possible & efficient
  • now compatible with iOS 4.3 to the latest versions
  • help included

that’s cool, @julien! I haven’t a Iphone or a Ipad so i can’t use your app … i am curious about the pysics that you used for the circles. Did you use OfxBox2D addon for this , and ofxMaximilian or ofxPd for the sound?


Hi Walter,
I don’t even know what is OfxBox2D :slight_smile:
OfxPd for this one and the next one too (a kind of noise/drone machines from outerspace)
But I’d use ofxMaximilian for my own artistic music machine (still on iPad) … more infos to come soon

thanks for your enthusiastic message :slight_smile:

OfxBox2D is a 2D physics addon based on Box2D library. Here you can take a look: , you can add physic behavior to simple geometry and custom geometry, add joints and other physics behavior. You can find also some video on Youtube and Vimeo. Glad that you use ofxPd ! Did you use some extern for your puredata app? or you develop your app with standard Vanilla ?

I’m quite comfortable with Max, using it since a lot of years (and teaching it too)
So even with basic objects, I’m okay to build complex things and libPD is fast so, yes, it was enough.

About Box2D, it could be interesting for other projects.
I’m actually building a 2D sequencer, more for my artistic project protofuse, but which could be released…

Version 1.2 is now on appstore with a nice change log:

  • audio record NOW possible
  • file sharing through iTunes to use the audio samples on your computer (win or osx)

Here is my daughter using her preferred app (after angry birds) on my iPad :slight_smile: