digit/pattern recognition

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if there is something for digit recognition in OF. I went through documentation and addons and didn’t spot anything similar.

I would like to use a webcam to recognize “toy digits” (not handwritten), so machine learning algorithms are not necessary, just some sort of primitive pattern recognition. Advice will be very appreciated.


are you able to isolate the digits using opencv? If so, I would take a look at matching contours or normalizing the found digits (I’ve used that approach to match numbers of playing cards – a very limited, different set of digits).

also, would something like an OCR engine work? for example,


template matching in opencv is pretty useful for this kind of thing:


but rotation and scale invariance is something to consider…

hope that helps!

Thanks zach, I’ll look into these.

if this could help, i’ve implemented some code for sequence recognition via hmm (hidden markov model).
i don’t know this could fit in your task but i’ve done some gesture recognition of letters with this and it works great.
i’m planning to make a little addon on it, but for now if you need the code let me know!