Different Velocity of an object depending on OS

I found a really strange behaviour between Linux and Windows.
I am using ofxbox2d addon.

  Circles.push_back(shared_ptr<ofxBox2dCircle>(new ofxBox2dCircle));
  Circles.back().get()->setPhysics(1.0, 1., 0.);
  Circles.back().get()->setup(world.getWorld(), ofGetWidth() / 2, ofGetHeight() / 2, 15);

The circle is faster on windows than on linux how can I make them move the same speed?

Did you set the frame rate (ofSetFrameRate())? on linux your app usually runs with the frequency of your monitor (~60) while on windows you can get higher frame rates.

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Ok I see my mistake I set framerate to box2d world but I should set framerate to Of as well.
Big thanks for response.