Different GUIs for OpenFrameworks

Hi everyone,

Since there are several different GUI’s that have been created as addons for OF, I thought I would post screenshots of the 3 latest ones that I found, because they can be difficult to test:

ofxGUI: (http://github.com/bilderbuchi/ofxGui)

ofxSimpleGuiToo: (http://github.com/memo/msalibs)

ofxVideoGrabber (it also contains a GUI): (also at http://github.com/memo/msalibs)

It would be good if other people updated this post with more recent screenshots when those addons are updated, or add screenshots of other GUIs that are available if you know of any.

Also, there are more complete GUIs for OpenGL/GLUT rather than specifically OpenFrameworks, such as:

wxWidgets (http://www.wxwindows.org/)
GLGooey (http://glgooey.sourceforge.net/)
GLUI (http://glui.sourceforge.net/)
FLTK (http://www.fltk.org/applications/shots.php)

Shervin Emami.

Here is the main page for ofxControlPanel


Sweet Theo!!

Really nice addon.

[quote author=“theo”]Here is the main page for ofxControlPanel



Here is a picture of one I made:

See http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/minimal-gui/4708/0 for more details.

needs some polishing yet, but here goes mine, ofxWidgets:



I have been working on a kind of GUI for multiTouch projects for openFrameworks. It´s not a complete GUI tool yet but It´s a starting point.
It´s editable using .xml and it use ofxTUIO events. The elements can be draged, resized and rotated.
Despite the cheesy name, the goal was to make with a minimalist aesthetic orientation.


More information: http://www.patriciogonzalezvivo.com/blog/?p=184&preview=true&preview-id=184&preview-nonce=5210d353cd
The code is at: https://github.com/patriciogonzalezvivo/ofxBlackBox



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In the wake of ofxVectorMath being deprecated, is there a GUI library that works under the new libraries?

we’re looking at having an official gui for 007 - nothing is in git at the moment though.

awesome news! can we help (designs or mockups or whatnot) or will you rather flesh it out among the top devs?

IPad and IPhone


What about GLUI?



I am looking to add a GUI control panel to an OF iPhone app. I am having trouble getting any of these examples above to build with ofxiphone. Are there any pre-built examples out there that integrate ofxiphone with these customizable GUI interfaces?



Here is mine, ofxhGui:


Hey Guys!

Read about it and check out photos here: http://www.syedrezaali.com/blog/?p=2172

Get the code here: https://github.com/rezaali/ofxUI

Its a pre-beta release, let me know if you have any feedback!

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reza’s stuff is amazing.
minimal, efficient, cute.
I vote for it (no vote required?! oops.)

There are so many options available for GUI on openFrameworks (and still no official GUI on 007) that I’m confused.
I’ve tried reza’s ofxUI, and I believe that aesthetically is the best one. For example, on http://ofxaddons.com/#gui there are 3 different versions of ofxSimpleGuiToo. Of all those ofxSimpleGuiToo is any of them compatible with 007 (and what about the others listed on the ofxAddons website)?

However, even though the look is an important aspect, I’m looking for the best/most complete one.
I need to use it on a project where I’m building a Video Gallery that will show many thumbnails of videos, that will not fit all at the same time on the screen, so I need the ability to scroll those pictures, also scrolling text might be helpful (like on an HTML textarea).

Can anyone point me in the right direction? With so many options is hard to test them all.
I think that a list of the best GUI addons that work with 007 is desperately needed. And also a small description of each one of the listed addons in terms of capabilities and features.

Well… thanks in advance.

A ordering method at ofxaddons for “freshness”/activity or some similar parameter is on the todo list afaik.
I don’t think a list of the best addons is “desperately needed” - “best” is in the eye of the beholder, after all, and varies with people’s needs. the list of all addons on github is already quite valuable.
Capability descriptions are imo out of scope for ofxaddons, this is unmaintainable with reasonable effort as addons are developed themselves, and I personally think it’s not too much to ask that people click through to the individual addons’ github pages and read the README. If the readme doesn’t offer enough information, file an issue with the developer.

The list I suggested wouldn’t have to be on ofxAddons. A periodically updated simple sticky here in the forum would do. Like the best candidates for a future official GUI.

But forgetting about the list… Which is the best GUI addon to build a scrollable image/video gallery? In your opinion of course.

Thanks again

phew, I don’t know, I’m not qualified to answer that. But from what I see, ofxUI and ofxhGui are the newest, quite sophisticated ones, and ofxSimpleGuiToo and ofxControlPanel are more established ones which get used often, so I’d choose among those four. Reza has been very active in improving ofxUI and accomodating to user’s suggestions, so that’s what I would try out nowadays.

Btw, there is going to be an official GUI in the upcoming release, but its focus is on providing just a simple interface, so don’t expect scrolling elements… https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/tree/develop/addons/ofxGui

Thanks for the tips. From what I could gather those four seem the more promissing. I’ll take a look at them. In fact I took a look at ofxUI and loved it, minus the scrolling part that needs to me “work arounded” somehow. But I’ll give a chance at the competition and run the examples and give a look at the code behind it :wink:

I might also take a look at ofxWidgets from arturo. He developed ofxHttpServer that I’ve used on a GUI-less project before and was very helpful when I had a few problems, so I’ll see what he has done on terms of GUI.

If I make some interesting discoveries I’ll post them.