Differences between CB and VS causing problems

I used to be able to use the same OF download for both Codeblocks and visual studio (.05).

But now, there’s certain folders and files thare are either renamed or missing from each version codeblocks/VS. For example, the VS 573 version has rtaudio.libs but no rtaudio.a and codeblocks has rtaudio.a and no rtaudio.libs. Another example, in VS2008 573 there’s Poco\include and in codeblocks poco\includes and VS2008 QTDevWin and codeblocks quicktime

This has to do with my proposal here: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/cross-platform-of-download/1534/0

Is the best way to deal with to go through and manually merge folders? I’d like to have one OF core so I can write codeblocks and VS projects that share same core. This used to be possible with .05