Difference in result when tested on two machines

Hi there,

I am having this really strange problem where running the .exe on my own computer works how it should do, but when I test it on a different computer, it starts doing weird things.

For example I am using the spriteSheetRenderer addon, it starts off rendering the explosion animations in the correct positions, then about 30 seconds in it starts rendering them in the top left hand corner (presumably at position 0, 0). This doesn’t happen on my own machine though.

Could it have something to do with the other machine being older than mine, running XP where as mine is running Windows 7?

Frame rate seemed the same on either machine also.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Plenty of things could be different there, especially with such a wide gap between XP and Windows 7. I’d mostly suspect its a different in graphics cards and what kinds of stuff it can handle…maybe see how much of a difference you can find there, or give us more info on what other graphics intensive stuff is going on